I’m Loving Poland

Hey folks, it’s been awhile.  Took some time getting my computer up and running. I’m finally “settled” here in Krakow with a cute little studio apartment right in the heart of old town.  Tomorrow I start working on my visa and hopefully will be able to stay here for a year or so.

I’ve been exploring the city and meeting new friends and hanging out with my one friend that lives here.  I found a great site called Internations, which is designed for expats as great way to meet other people new to where you are.   Today I went to my first Internations event, a brunch with four amazing women and an awesome older guy, all from different countries around the world.  Later this month I’m going to an opera and in December, The Nutcracker!

Traditional Polish Breakfast

My neighborhood is wonderful, not only can I walk to Main Square, there are two sex shops a few blocks away (one is female owned) and a gay sex club (sadly men only) just down the street.  And around the corner an open air market with all kinds of goodies, veggies and of course Polish bekon.


Main Square


Oh, and finally I’ve had some luck meeting kinky Polish people (from fetlife).  I’ve got a coffee date tomorrow with a young (27) submissive guy and I’ve been chatting with another young (30) guy about possibly meeting.  I totally feel like a cougar.  ROAR!!!  We’ll see how it goes.  I did find a site for a kinky party that I may go to.  It’s pretty focused on how you dress (strict dress-code) and while play and nudity is fine, no sex is allowed.   Hopefully I can pull together something that fits their dress-code.

More photos and updates later this week!





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