Poland Here I Come!

Well, it’s real!  I’m back in Cyprus temporarily and on Friday I head to Krakow,  Poland to live.   Other than knowing the city, I have no idea where I’ll land.  I’m probably going to stay for a few days at a b&b while I look for an apartment.  Being  technically homeless is very liberating and kind of exciting.   My Polish/Cypriot friend, who convinced me to try Poland because it’s cheap and easy to get to other parts of Europe, just got a job offer in Krakow so he’s moving  there , too!  That makes it even better for me because I’ll have a friend there.

Soon, this kinky expat will be exploring Europe and seeing what kind of kinky escapades and adventures she can get into.

Meanwhile, here in Larnaca where I’ve been staying I’ve had some interesting conversations with strange and wonderful people (not necessarily the same. lol)

I posted about this on Facebook and want to share with you all.   A few days ago I had an amazing conversation with a couple British Iraq war veterans. Both of them were crass and crude (and funny as well). Our conversation turned to politics and civil rights of which we didn’t mesh much at all. (They are pro Breksit and anti immigrant for example) Instead of getting disgusted and leaving or disrespecting them, I engaged them in a respectful conversation. There was little we agreed on (although surprisingly neither were overtly homophobic or sexist). We eventually got to talking about trans rights and bathrooms. The most articulate of the two guys couldn’t get past penises equaling male and vaginas female. After listening to me explain the experiences of my trans friends and talk about how people identify and present versus their genitalia he suddenly looked at me wide eyed. “You’ve given me something to think about. Wow. Maybe you’re right “. By the end of the evening he’d changed his view on trans and bathrooms. A minor victory but a victory. Score one for open and honest conversations.

Sunday I had a wonderful conversation with two Scottish expats who were almost the exact opposite of the two blokes from Britain.  Anti Breksit, very liberal and it was refreshing to have someone agree with me on pretty much everything.

Then later I met a woman who owned an art cafe with incredible art.  Not only is she an artist (nudes and landscapes) she introduced me to an amazing abstract artist who I have a coffee date with tomorrow.

Yesterday, on the bus, I met a college student from Iran.  She was incredible and we talked for the full hour ride about her next university (London) and her dreams and aspirations.  She was far from the stereotypical Middle Eastern which didn’t surprise me since that’s been my experience all along.

I’m so thankful that I’m so gregarious.  I get to meet so many wonderful and interesting people.

Poland here I come!


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  1. John Ullman says:

    This was the best article to come into my Feedly feed today. Glad to hear you are having such great experiences. I’m worried, though, that you might need some help with the nuances of Polish culture, so here’s a crash course in it, at least what happened to it when it landed in the midwest. This video answers one of the eternal questions of the Polish experience.


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