A short update

I know, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted anything.  To be honest, this kinky expat hasn’t had the energy to be that kinky.  Between the holidays and being a bit homesick and not having time to explore Krakow much (it’s been snowing and is fucking cold) nor having opportunities to engage with local kinksters; I’ve been pretty much a homebody.  Also, the young man I was playing with as Mommy/boy has grown up and is now playing with a young Mistress.  With Mommy’s blessing of course.

I will be posting more in the near future.  Just wanted the few of you who follow me to know I’m still alive and kicking.

Have a great rest of January and here’s to a very kinky and sexy 2019


Budapest and HunCon

Over the weekend of November 10th I got to go to Budapest for their amazing kinky conference, HunCon.  I was honored to be able to present three of my workshops, The Good The Bad and The Poly, Bottoms Rights and Responsibilities, and BDSM Negotiations and Etiquette.  My workshops were well received and I’ve been invited back for next year!  I’m so looking forward to returning to Budapest.

And I got to spend time with my new boy toy (more on that later) and reconnect with some awesome people I met last February at the Rome conference AND I made some wonderful new friends.  Some guys from the states, that I still don’t know why we hadn’t met before as we had tons of friends in common.  I met people from Israel and all over Europe as well.  It was an amazing conference.

It was held at a nightclub called Supersonic and they had two sections Blue Hell and Red Hell.  We got Blue Hell.  I was able to take some photos before it was open.

Yes, you read right, I have a boy toy.  I met this young man on fetlife.  He lives here in Krakow and he’s from Belgium.  And he’s only 27 years old — I’m such a cougar.  We have a naughty Mommy/boy relationship which is turning out to be quite fun.  He joined me in Budapest and I got to pop a whole lot of cherries.  He has never been to a conference or any type of public play other than a swing club, once.   I was able to hand him over to another awesome woman who introduced him to water sports.  He’s never played in public or played with a male identified person.   He got tied up, paraded around in all his glory and had an amazing adventure.  I’m so glad I was able to facilitate this for him


On Sunday a bunch of us went to a Medieval Feast restaurant and pigged out on meat.  A great way to end an incredible conference.

Oh, and Budapest!  What a beautiful city with amazing history.  I stayed an extra day and did some exploring of the city.




My newest WordPress Blog post

As some of you know I have two blogs, this one and another wordpress one.  This one, for now is really about my life overseas.  Which at the moment I’m not talking about the kinky stuff too much (I’m going to a conference in Hungary in November, so stay tuned).  This post about my #metoo experiences seemed more appropriate for my WordPress blog and I want to share it with you.


I’m Loving Poland

Hey folks, it’s been awhile.  Took some time getting my computer up and running. I’m finally “settled” here in Krakow with a cute little studio apartment right in the heart of old town.  Tomorrow I start working on my visa and hopefully will be able to stay here for a year or so.

I’ve been exploring the city and meeting new friends and hanging out with my one friend that lives here.  I found a great site called Internations, which is designed for expats as great way to meet other people new to where you are.   Today I went to my first Internations event, a brunch with four amazing women and an awesome older guy, all from different countries around the world.  Later this month I’m going to an opera and in December, The Nutcracker!

Traditional Polish Breakfast

My neighborhood is wonderful, not only can I walk to Main Square, there are two sex shops a few blocks away (one is female owned) and a gay sex club (sadly men only) just down the street.  And around the corner an open air market with all kinds of goodies, veggies and of course Polish bekon.


Main Square


Oh, and finally I’ve had some luck meeting kinky Polish people (from fetlife).  I’ve got a coffee date tomorrow with a young (27) submissive guy and I’ve been chatting with another young (30) guy about possibly meeting.  I totally feel like a cougar.  ROAR!!!  We’ll see how it goes.  I did find a site for a kinky party that I may go to.  It’s pretty focused on how you dress (strict dress-code) and while play and nudity is fine, no sex is allowed.   Hopefully I can pull together something that fits their dress-code.

More photos and updates later this week!




Poland Here I Come!

Well, it’s real!  I’m back in Cyprus temporarily and on Friday I head to Krakow,  Poland to live.   Other than knowing the city, I have no idea where I’ll land.  I’m probably going to stay for a few days at a b&b while I look for an apartment.  Being  technically homeless is very liberating and kind of exciting.   My Polish/Cypriot friend, who convinced me to try Poland because it’s cheap and easy to get to other parts of Europe, just got a job offer in Krakow so he’s moving  there , too!  That makes it even better for me because I’ll have a friend there.

Soon, this kinky expat will be exploring Europe and seeing what kind of kinky escapades and adventures she can get into.

Meanwhile, here in Larnaca where I’ve been staying I’ve had some interesting conversations with strange and wonderful people (not necessarily the same. lol)

I posted about this on Facebook and want to share with you all.   A few days ago I had an amazing conversation with a couple British Iraq war veterans. Both of them were crass and crude (and funny as well). Our conversation turned to politics and civil rights of which we didn’t mesh much at all. (They are pro Breksit and anti immigrant for example) Instead of getting disgusted and leaving or disrespecting them, I engaged them in a respectful conversation. There was little we agreed on (although surprisingly neither were overtly homophobic or sexist). We eventually got to talking about trans rights and bathrooms. The most articulate of the two guys couldn’t get past penises equaling male and vaginas female. After listening to me explain the experiences of my trans friends and talk about how people identify and present versus their genitalia he suddenly looked at me wide eyed. “You’ve given me something to think about. Wow. Maybe you’re right “. By the end of the evening he’d changed his view on trans and bathrooms. A minor victory but a victory. Score one for open and honest conversations.

Sunday I had a wonderful conversation with two Scottish expats who were almost the exact opposite of the two blokes from Britain.  Anti Breksit, very liberal and it was refreshing to have someone agree with me on pretty much everything.

Then later I met a woman who owned an art cafe with incredible art.  Not only is she an artist (nudes and landscapes) she introduced me to an amazing abstract artist who I have a coffee date with tomorrow.

Yesterday, on the bus, I met a college student from Iran.  She was incredible and we talked for the full hour ride about her next university (London) and her dreams and aspirations.  She was far from the stereotypical Middle Eastern which didn’t surprise me since that’s been my experience all along.

I’m so thankful that I’m so gregarious.  I get to meet so many wonderful and interesting people.

Poland here I come!


Loving Seattle

I’ve been here over 3 weeks and it’s been amazing to be able to see family and friends.  It’s been a whirlwind of parties and lunches and dinners and mini-adventures.   I’ve got another 10 days full of family,  friends and fun.

Some highlights.

I started off visiting my dad, aunt and brother in Shelton with one of my amazing partners, Travis.  Then off to Forks where my belongings are stored to pick up a few things (like my winter coat).  We went to the beach and I remembered why I love the Pacific Northwest.

In Seattle I wandered around the city, visited numerous friends and marveled at the changes happening all over the city.  And relished that so much of it was what I still remembered.  Here’s a few photos of Seattle and why I love it.  More to come later in the week when I tell you more details about my recent adventures.


Another Update

Well, this Kinky Expat is currently enjoying her visit to Seattle, in spite of the smoke and haze everywhere.  It’s good to be back and yet there is a part of me that is excited about heading back to Europe, even though I have no idea where I’m going to land.  Technically, I’m homeless and it’s kind of cool in a weird way.

One thing I’m looking forward to is finishing the two books I’m working on.  Sex Positive Now, a compilation of essays and interview about sex positive culture and Navigating Polyamory and Monogamy —a guide to healthy conscious relationships (it was going to be called 20 Principles to Try to Live and Relate By )  I have a Patreon account for the relationship book and would love any support I can get, since my Social Security only goes so far (which is why I’m going back to Europe, it goes farther there than in the states.) https://www.patreon.com/AllenaGabosch

I’ll be posting some photos later of my trip to Seattle

Have a great day!

A Quick Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m visiting Seattle until September 10 and of course I’m crazy busy seeing old friends and family.  This means I won’t be on-line much or blogging that often.

It’s great being back in Seattle.  I’ve missed it a lot AND I’m still planning on going back to Europe for an extended stay.  I’ll post more about that when I know for sure where I’ll be landing.  Technically, I’m homeless.  LOL  And I’m excited about my new adventures.

I’ll talk to you soon!



Conscious Polyamory & Monogamy

I’ve been working on a relationship book over the last year or so and I want to share one of the first chapters of the book.

Healthy relationships take consciousness.  It’s important that we enter into our encounters with others as consciously as possible. That means that we figure out whether we want intimacy with someone we want sex with (they are very different) or do we just want a sexual encounter that fulfills our current physical needs. And if that’s so, how do we make sure to communicate that to the person we are with?  Being successfully poly means conscious communication as we have a lot more to navigate than most monogamous people.  That said, conscious monogamy is totally possible.  Monogamous folks can learn a lot from us poly people on entering into relationships consciously.

The best way to traverse the landmines in relationships, balance sex and intimacy healthfully, or just have a great fuck, is to be conscious.  And in our current world, that is usually not the case. From the time we are young we just “fall” into relationships. All of a sudden we have a boyfriend or girlfriend and how in the hell did we suddenly start going steady? We add alcohol to the mix when we’re teens and then we have sex with zero consciousness. And intimacy gets lost in the shuffle.  And relationships suffer and never have a chance to fully form.

Conscious means having a conversation about what you mean when you say “ I practice safer sex.” Conscious means knowing how to differentiate between a desire for intimacy and a desire for sex. Conscious means knowing that you can have intimacy without having to use sex as the tool to get the intimacy you need. Conscious means that you can make clear your needs, wants and dreams when you are forging a new relationship. Conscious means have the difficult conversations that come up in all relationships and not avoiding them or become passive/aggressive. Conscious means not getting shit-faced drunk at the frat house party. Conscious means not taking advantage of the person who got shit-faced drunk at the party. Conscious means understanding what ongoing consent means. It really isn’t that hard. It just means you need to be awake and aware and willing to communicate. That’s really all it takes to be conscious.

And as easy as it sounds, it takes work.  First, poly or not, ask yourself the following questions when entering into a new relationship.

  • What are your needs in a relationship?
  • What are your desires/wants in a relationship?
  • What are your dreams in a relationship?

Needs are deal breakers.  They are those things that are non negotiable.   When we closely examine them, we generally discover that our needs, while essential, are few.  For me, one need is to meet my other partners primary partner.  Another is safer sex.

Next, desires or wants.  What is it you want in an ideal relationship? These are the things, that while negotiable are important.  For me, I want all of my partners to be polyamorous.  I also want my partners to not depend on me to be their sole sexual partner.  This list is probably going to be fairly long and will  be the basis for communicating and negotiating your relationship.

Finally, your dreams. Those things that would make your relationship(s) ideal.  My biggest dream is to live in an apartment building with all of my partners; sharing a kitchen and family room and everyone having their own studio apartment.  Dreams can be silly and they also can be practical.  My other dream is to have all of my partners get along with each other.

Think carefully about all this and realize that you are always free to change your mind and renegotiate things in the future.  Relationships are not static.

If you’re in a current relationship and are going through  some changes, the Needs, Wants and Dreams list can be quite illuminating. I’ve had coaching clients who, when they shared their list with their partner, were amazed that their lists were almost identical.  And that’s because we usually fail to communicate clearly when we are in a relationship (especially monogamous ones).

Living in the past

Awhile back I had conversation with a dear friend about a mutual friend who is having a hard time moving on from her former relationship.  This person has been apart from their former partner longer than they were together and yet she still clings to the past. She bemoans that he’s moved on and has a new partner.  She is not allowing herself to find successful relationships.   She constantly compares everyone and everything to her former partner.  It struck me that her clinging to the past gives her no room to be in the present or to plan for the future.  She’s stuck.  And this is something that many of us do.  We live in our past.  We base all of our decisions on our past mistakes so as not to screw up again.  We are so caught up in our need to not hurt, to punish, to cling or to be right (or all of the above) that we just don’t live.

We should not allow our past to create our present nor our future.  We should not look at a potential partner and compare them to a former partner or say “Well, they’ll just cheat on me like so and so did.”  We should not expect them to be anything other than their authentic selves.  And yet we do just this out of habit and unconsciously.  We make up a story about what we think is so, never giving room to what’s really happening.  We miss out on so many opportunities because we are so stuck in our past.

That doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate our past successes and hopefully learn from our past mistakes.  Nor does it mean that we can’t fondly remember wonderful things that happened to us or miss those who are no longer with us.  That is all part of being human.  And that is different than allowing the past to dictate our present and future relationships.

One of the most important parts of having a conscious healthy relationship is to put the past in the past where it belongs:  to realize that every new relationship is unique and different and will not be the same as the last one (or two or three) UNLESS we make it so. This means that we must enter into all relationships consciously.  That we stay aware and present at all times and when we catch ourselves reverting back to our old habits of living in the past, we pinch ourselves and get back into the present.  That we stop making up stories about what we think is so and wait and see what the present gives us.  It takes practice and courage and as I said, consciousness and it can be done.  Put the past behind you and travel toward the future unburdened and ready for your next adventure.

And now for some fun.  I was raised fundamentalist and the Bible was a part of my life.  Here’s my take on the 10 Commandments for you polyamorous and monogamous folks out there (pardon the prescriptive language, it’s in homage to the original)

10 Commandments of Polyamory and Monogamy

  1. You shall not put anyone above yourself. No partner is better than you are.
  2. You shall not create false equivalencies between partners. Everyone is in your life for their own unique reason.
  3. You shall not curse or verbally abuse a partner.
  4. Keep the sanctity of all of your relationships at the top of your thoughts
  5. Honor all of your relationships.
  6. Do not “kill off” or erase former partners. All partners were with you for a reason.
  7. Do not break agreements, for that is equivalent to cheating.
  8. Do not steal your partners’ agency. You cannot impose your morals on them.
  9. Do not lie to your partners, integrity is of utmost importance.
  10. Do not covet your partners other partners without first talking to that partner.


1. You shall not put anyone above yourself. No partner is better than you are.

You are the most important person in  your life.

If you are someone who is in a hierarchical poly relationship  it’s easy to feel less than when you are a secondary partner.  Always remember that you are in their life for a reason and primary, secondary, etc are just names not judgement.

If you are monogamous, remember that you are equals with your partner.

2. You shall not create false equivalencies between partners. Everyone is in your life for their own unique reason.

While this is definitely more about poly, for those of you who are monogamous, this means that you don’t compare your partner with others.  They are who they are and with you because you both choose each other.  The grass is not necessarily always greener on the other side.

3. You shall not curse or verbally abuse a partner.

This goes without saying.  I will cover behavior more in other chapters.  However, verbally abusing a partner is not any different than physically abusing them, in the long run, the wounds just take longer to show and sometimes longer to heal.

4. Keep the sanctity of all of your relationships at the top of your thoughts.

I use sanctity in this to mean devotedness. Stay devoted to your relationship(s) even when times are tough.  Know that the blessing of being in relationship can be very rewarding.

5. Honor all of your relationships.

This isn’t just about romantic relationships, this is also about friendships and family.  Be an honorable person in all relationships.

6. Do not “kill off” or erase former partners. All partners were with you for a reason.

This is hard for poly people and even harder for monogamous folks.  All of our former partner give us gifts, even the ones that end horribly. Staying friends with former partners can be very rewarding in the long run.   It takes communication and adulting to avoid feeling jealous and insecure and it can be done.  And if children are involved it’s even more important

7. Do not break agreements, for that is equivalent to cheating.

Yes, poly people can cheat.  Usually in the form of breaking agreements.  And of course, for you monogamous people, don’t cheat on your partner.  It’s that simple.

8. Do not steal your partner(s)’ agency. You cannot impose your morals on them.

You love your partner for who they are and who they are not.  You can not expect them to change for you.  This is true whether poly or mono.

9. Do not lie to your partner(s), integrity is of utmost importance.

No explanation needed, other than “white lies” are still lies.  Open communication, no matter how difficult is the cornerstone of a good relationship (see the chapter on Difficult Conversations).

10. Do not covet your partners other partners without first talking to that partner.

This is primarily for poly folks,  and again goes back to open communication.  However, even monogamous people may find themselves attracted to a close friend or someone at work.  Don’t hide that attraction from your partner.  Have a secure enough relationship that you can talk about your attractions without your partner feeling jealous or insecure.  And, if your partner tells you  about their attraction  to another, don’t feel less than, just acknowledge that they are a human being with  feelings.